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Updated course for 2015! Prepare yourself for what has been voted as Utah's best mud run! This 5K course is packed full with amazingly fun obstacles. Be sure to bring your friends because this is going to be a blast!!

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Obstacle Descriptions

1. Starting Line Slip-n-Slide
Hooray... it's time to get your mud on!

2. Tube Haul
What goes down must come up.

3. Shooting Range
Ready. Fire. Aim! - no actual fire involved :)

4. Bridge
Take it easy over these Bula bales.

5. Over the river and through the woods...
...to grandmothers house we go.

6. Foam Wash
Who needs a spa when you have the body washer?

7. Army Crawl
Crawl... soldier.. crawl...

8. Stairway to Heaven
Get a fresh cup of life (H20) at the top of this hill.

9. Foam Slip-n-Slide
Slippery, faster, further, and more fun than ever!

10. The Trench
Officially the muddiest mud trench in the world.

11. Bula Bridge
No time for a break now! Maybe later!

12. The Channel
Bottomless mud. Your welcome.

13. Hay Bale Bridge
It's just a hop, skip, and a jump

14. Cat Tail Trail
You might find a shoe or two here, (from last year!)

15. Cargo Net Climb
Rise to the top and drop in slop (mud, that is)


17. Mud Bog
Mud. Sweet. Mud.

18. Tirenosaurus Rex
Are you Tired yet?

19. Mud Climb
Scale this slippery slope. Hint: Your only hope is to hold the rope.

20. Tunnel Vision
Have fun navigating your way through these slimy tunnels.

21. Leap of Faith
Good luck! This floating bridge bounces with each slippery step. Get a good run, or your done!

22. The Bog
Don't get Bogged down in this muddy mess!

23. Slosh Pit

24. Spider Web
Making it through this web is easier if you wear a Spiderman costume.

25. Straw Balin'
The newest Olympic Sport!

26. Big Bale Bridge
Almost finished. Don't give up now.

27. Finish Line Slip-n-Slide & Mud Pit
Where all of your wildest dreams will come true. Almost.

28. Mud Crawl
Crawl to Victory!

29. Mystery Obstacle
We don't give out all our secrets. But here's a hint: You'd better be ready to run fast!

30. Mystery Obstacle
We don't give out all our secrets.

31. Mystery Obstacle
We don't give out all our secrets.

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